A Walk Down Harrington

Empty buildings lined cracked streets. It felt like an old ghost town from the west as my husband and I drove through last January. But it’s still hanging on. Set it Lincoln County, this territory was known as “a howling desert.” Until fertile soil was discovered by the Harrington, Furth and Robinson firm from Lusa […]

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backyard horses

Backyard Horses

  I apologize for a late post. Huge snow storms are wreaking havoc with my satellite internet. Yes, I am so remote we have satellite internet. Recently, I read a wonderful juvenile fiction story called Backyard Horses by Dandi Daley Mackall. Ellie James is a horse-loving girl who dreams of owning a black stallion show […]

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How to Unplug and Seek Adventure

I’ve decided the gist of my blogging, thanks to Jeff Goins, is all about Western Woman and Girls unplugging from the rat-race of life and technology to find adventure––anywhere and everywhere. This week my parents stayed at our place to feed horses and dogs. My hubby and I drove from the east side of Washington […]

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Writing Outside One’s Ethnicity

I was born white. It’s my heritage. Yet I write main characters from another ethnicity––Native America. My grandmother always told us we were part Indian, but the proof never came. It still hasn’t and probably never will. I never intended to write let alone write books that have the protagonist from a different heritage. I […]

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angle ornament

Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas! This year has been a tough one for our family and community. It is the busiest time of year with an added heap of sorrow on top. But behold, a Savior is born, giving us comfort, peace, and hope. Hope for those we’ve lost, hope for today, and hope for tomorrow. All we […]

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