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skyla smelling flowers


June is my favorite month. Cool air, sunshine, rain, heat, wind, thunder and lightning, flowers, all mixed into one glorious streak of days. It can be busy with graduations and for our family, birthdays and anniversaries. But this year, with goals, jobs and chores that include riding down a colt, polishing a manuscript, creating three […]

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Expert Eyes

Have you ever thought your book, essay or short story was complete, just the way it should be? I have. Until an expert laid her eyes on it. My current young adult novel places my female character, a young Okanogan Native American jockey, on the ledge of the World Famous Suicide Race hill in Omak, […]

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Day Pack trip with husband and horses 2012

I’m back, somewhat.

After seven months of pain and illness and gallbladder surgery, I’m back, somewhat. I’m not back in the saddle, but I am back to the computer with limited time. I gain strength every day and am rearing to go (pun intended). I had surgery on a Wed, my granddaughter turned 4 that Thursday and my birthday […]

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Author A.K. Moss

Welcome A.K. Moss.  It is a pleasure to have A.K. Moss here today. She is the author of a Young Adult trilogy, two finished novels and a third in the works. These books are of a family story, if you will, that exposes loss, courage and healing. Let’s take a closer look and learn about […]

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Loss and Life

I hate flying! But I pray, cowgirl-up and do it anyhow. Not long ago, I found myself sitting in the Spokane International Airport typing away on my laptop, working on my new book, keeping my attention on all things grounded. Like not flying. I was happy with what I’d been writing thus far when the […]

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Welcome Shanna Hatfield!

Welcome to the 2nd annual Cowboys and Christmas Blog Tour! Raising funds and awareness for the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund Ring in the Holidays with a Helping Hand November 1 through December 24,  ten percent of the net proceeds from all Shanna Hatfield book sales will be donated to the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund. The […]

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Touring The High Desert Museum

As part of our 2015 Women Writing the West Conference in Redmond, Oregon, conference co-chairs Jane Kirkpatrick and Shanna Hatfield offered members the opportunity to tour the High Desert Museum, which is located near Bend. The museum opened in 1982. It was founded by Donald M. Kerr, a native of Portland, and brings regional wildlife, culture, art and natural […]

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Bucks Superwind

I Am a Horsewoman

I Am a Horsewoman     I am a horsewoman filled with grace and grit I wonder what we’ll discover today I hear a soft whicker in the distance I see a black mane and tale, white star and legs, soft, dark eye I want to strive for feel, timing and balance I am a […]

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