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Sailing with Impunity

Mary E. Trimble’s newest book, Sailing with Impunity, is another first-rate account of her travels. In her book, Tubob: Two Years in West Africa with the Peace Corps, Mary shares her experiences with Bruce, her newly married husband, in a third-world country. Mary’s second non-fiction book, Sailing with Impunity takes its readers on a 13,000-mile […]

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Dances of the Heart

Welcome Andrea Downing! What a remarkable woman. We met at Women Writing the West and I’ve come to adore Andrea as a fellow writer, author and lady. I asked Ms. Downing to share with us about her writing and research and this is her story… WRITING, RESEARCH AND ME As any author will tell you, […]

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Guest Author: Arletta Dawdy

Welcome Arletta Dawdy! I’m thrilled to have Arletta with us on the blog today. She’s a member of Women Writing the West and terrific author.   CP: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you live, work, hobbies, etc. AD: Hello, Carmen and thank you for inviting me to your blog. I live in […]

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Sailing with Impunity

I met Mary Trimble a few years ago at the Women Writing the West conference in Kansas City, MO. What an honor to meet a lady with such an amazing past. Not only did Mary travel to Africa for two years and assist with the Peace Corps and write a memoir entitled Tubob, she has also […]

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Welcome Shanna Hatfield.

Welcome to the Cowboys & Christmas Blog Tour! A kickoff of two new holiday romances by Shanna Hatfield and a fundraiser for the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund Rodeo Romance     Growing up on a farm twenty miles from the closest town, we generally took our excitement anywhere we could get it. Each summer, I […]

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Faces in the Cistern – Book Review

Welcome T. O. Stallings! T.O. Stallings has written a captivating novel called Faces in the Cistern which is fast paced narrative about the lives of certain people who live on an island known as Pelican Key, an imaginary island in the Florida Keys. The story begins with the island’s discovery by a band of pirates […]

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