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Garden of her heart book cover

Garden of Her Heart

  USA Today Bestselling Author Shanna Hatfield joins us with her latest release, a sweet World War II romance. Picture a beautiful summer day when the sky is clear, the temperature is warm, but not uncomfortably so, and the humidity is low. On one of those ideal summer days, Captain Cavedweller (my husband) and I climbed a […]

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Dances of the Heart

Welcome Andrea Downing! What a remarkable woman. We met at Women Writing the West and I’ve come to adore Andrea as a fellow writer, author and lady. I asked Ms. Downing to share with us about her writing and research and this is her story… WRITING, RESEARCH AND ME As any author will tell you, […]

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Name Digging

What’s so important about a name? How do we find names for our characters? How does Cash turn into Kash? Recently, a friend and fellow author borrowed my horse’s name Cash and flipped it to Kash for a recent character name she was searching for. I know I’ve borrowed our family name, Elizabeth, for my […]

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Smoke Filled Sky

Fire Danger Still in the Air

I went to retrieve my dad last Monday night. Nine days have passed and the area fires surround us. Smoke hovers, winds blow, people pack. Fires blaze in all directions, but the town I live in is still the safety with the farthest fire 15 miles away and across the Columbia River. Thirty miles north […]

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Shut Out of the Woods

I had my day planned. A day of rest after a week of hard colt riding and three days of hosting a cowgirl retreat at my ranch.  The morning allowed me to catch up on Women Writing the West correspondence and conference committee follow-ups. With all of that done, I planned to eat and get […]

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