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skyla smelling flowers


June is my favorite month. Cool air, sunshine, rain, heat, wind, thunder and lightning, flowers, all mixed into one glorious streak of days. It can be busy with graduations and for our family, birthdays and anniversaries. But this year, with goals, jobs and chores that include riding down a colt, polishing a manuscript, creating three […]

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A New Journey Begins

A mixture of relief, anxiety and sadness flooded me as I sat in my superintendence’s office last week. With tears running down my cheeks, I simply said, “I’m done. Because of health issues and my need to be with my husband (He works in a town two hours away and stays there during the week.) […]

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Katlyn Watt Ledger Art

Finding My Artist

  From the onset of my work-in-progress, I have wanted to find a teen artist to portray my protagonist’s art project in the book I’m currently writing. The art project weaves history and the old ways into modern culture and attitudes. He or she needed to be Native American and preferably of the Colville Tribes. […]

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Author A.K. Moss

Welcome A.K. Moss.  It is a pleasure to have A.K. Moss here today. She is the author of a Young Adult trilogy, two finished novels and a third in the works. These books are of a family story, if you will, that exposes loss, courage and healing. Let’s take a closer look and learn about […]

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Touring The High Desert Museum

As part of our 2015 Women Writing the West Conference in Redmond, Oregon, conference co-chairs Jane Kirkpatrick and Shanna Hatfield offered members the opportunity to tour the High Desert Museum, which is located near Bend. The museum opened in 1982. It was founded by Donald M. Kerr, a native of Portland, and brings regional wildlife, culture, art and natural […]

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Crawfish Races Coyote

  Crawfish Races Coyote – Small Lake in the Area Arrow Lakes Legend Told by Martin Louie Colville Confederated Tribal Member and Elder   Coyote was teasing Crawfish because he was so slow and because he walked sideways. Crawfish argued he was not slow, but indeed very fast. Coyote laughed, gave him a long look, […]

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Horses––Benefit Youth or Cost Money?

Do horses really teach anything? Or do they merely cost the owner tons of money with feed and vet bills? After working with youth in 4-H, including one of my own, and now having my grandchildren around horses, I believe they teach kids many valuable life lessons. In fact here are eight of those horse […]

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tarren meusy

Research: Fact for Fiction

Research fascinates me. I love it because most of my research is face to face or over the phone interviews with Colville Tribal Members. In the past, many had been elders.  Some of them are friends and some of family members. Some have passed away. Because I’m married to a Colville tribal member, I am […]

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