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Cowgirls for Hope

I hosted the 2nd Annual Cowgirls for Hope Retreat at my house the end of June. For years I talked about hosting an event like this. Then several years ago I met Melody Biehl in Spokane raising money for her non-profit Because There is Hope. A friendship sparked right away as we both strive to […]

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skyla smelling flowers


June is my favorite month. Cool air, sunshine, rain, heat, wind, thunder and lightning, flowers, all mixed into one glorious streak of days. It can be busy with graduations and for our family, birthdays and anniversaries. But this year, with goals, jobs and chores that include riding down a colt, polishing a manuscript, creating three […]

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the trio

Welcoming Spring

I want to wish you all a Happy Almost Spring from my home to yours.   As the daffodils peek their heads up toward the light and sun, dip their fingers into the fridge morning frost, they begin the first stages of coming back to life after a long winter’s sleep.   I feel the […]

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Loss and Life

I hate flying! But I pray, cowgirl-up and do it anyhow. Not long ago, I found myself sitting in the Spokane International Airport typing away on my laptop, working on my new book, keeping my attention on all things grounded. Like not flying. I was happy with what I’d been writing thus far when the […]

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Cash Weanling

Heart Tugs and Twists

Have you ever had opposing emotions? Or should I ask, how many opposing emotions do you have in any given day? I’m struggling with such an intense opposition my heart tugs and twist and yearns for a peace I just can’t seem to muster. Last year I started my 2-year-old gelding under saddle. I’ve studied […]

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10 Book Signing Tips

I have gathered a few tips to make book signings enjoyable and productive. I hope they help you in some way whether you are signing your treasured books at a book store, coffee house or local fair. 1. Make your display eye catching. Whether outside at a fair or indoor bazaar, your table needs to […]

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