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Change of Heart Arrow Lakes Language Guide

English: Tule is pronounced: two-lee


*lth place tongue behind front teeth and blow

*ch hard sounding or emphasis on ch (not soft)

*huh guttural sound, blow in the back of throat

*who soft blowing sound, not saying the word who

Chapter One

Arrow Lakes              English                Pronunciation

Hamis-Hamis              Morning Dove      huh miss -huh miss

Spupaleena                 Rabbit                     spup -a- lee- nuh

Lthkickha                    Older Sister           lth(key) -kick- ha

Tima or                        Maternal  –             tim- a

Stimteema                  Grandmother     s-tim-tee (tea)- ma (muh)

Pekam                         Bobcat         Pe (sounds like Pea)- kam (rhymes with Sam)

Mistum                         Father          mist -um

Toom                            Mother         too- m

Ka kee cha na           Chickadee     ka(kaw)-kee(like key)-ch- a(aw)-na(huh)

Chuchoops                  Little Sister  chuch(key)-oops

Sneena                       Owl                 snee- na (nuh)

In-tee-tee-huh Salmon          in- tea tea- huh(key)

Skumhist                    Black Bear   skum (scum)-hist (rhymes with beast)

Chapter Two

Loot                            No                   loo(Lou)- t

Kunheet incha           Help Me         Kun-(rhymes with gun)-heet (heat)      inch- a (uh)

Chapter Four

Kewa                           Yes                ke (key)- wa (wah)

See woolthk                  Water          see-woo(like wool)- lth(key)-k

Kunheet                       Help- above, see chapter two

Loot                             No- above, see chapter two

Hooyhuh eklee           Go Away     hoo (who)-y(ee) huh(key)-ek(ee) lee

Chapter Five

Shahpa              Paternal Grandfather      sh-ah(rhymes with saw)-pa

Wi                        Yes                 Like why but the “y” is cut short

Tuklthmeelwho Woman          tuck- lth(key)-meel(meal)-who(key)


Chapter Six

Kawup                Horse                 k- a (u)- wup

Sweenompt      Handsome       swee- no (new)- mpt

Chapter Eight

Wisthuh Walk                 wist-huh (key)

Eel e                With The          eel(like seal)- e(ee)

Seewoolthk      Water- above,  see chapter four

Chapter Nine

Lim Lumt          Thank You         lim (rhymes with Tim)- lumt

Chapter Ten

Kunheet In       Help Me        kun-(rhymes with gun)-heet (heat)-in

Chapter Eleven

Impee-eels       Happy                im-pee(pea)- eels

Sneena             Owl                    snee- na (nuh)

Chapter Twelve

Kookyuma        Small/Tiny            k (back of throat)- oo- k-yuma (you)- ma (mah)

May Ooya        Raccoon               may-oo-ya(yuh)

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