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Spupaleena nodded walking briskly to her stallion. The fringe on her dress swung back and forth as if being shook by a badger. She said a quick prayer for everyone as she went. She looked up to see Hahoolawho standing in her path. God help me, she prayed.

Spupaleena will do nearly anything to make her dream of breeding the finest race horses in Indian Country come true. She and her relay teammates have been racing and winning, but one boy is resolved to see her fail. Spupaleena is passionate about her dreams and goals. Not any human nor circumstance will deter her—not poison, not injuries, and certainly not a pride filled, vengeful boy. She leans into God for direction and wisdom, but will the hunger to triumph steal the reins? Will Spupaleena find her place in a man’s world and prove everyone wrong? Follow Spupaleena and her friends as they find out in this tale of drive, faith, perseverance, and ultimately, a Heart of Passion.

Carmen Peone lives on the Colville Confederated Indian Reservation with her husband, Joe. They have four adult sons and five grandchildren. Carmen worked with an elder for three years learning the language and customs of her husband’s people, the Sinyekst. She coordinates the Inchelium School’s after school program, Rez Stop. She owns and trains her American Paint Horses and has competed in local Extreme Trail Challenges with her horse.

Make sure to read Carmen Peone’s other novels, Change of Heart and Heart of Courage, also available from Tate Publishing. Follow Carmen at;; Facebook: authorcarmenpeone; or Twitter: @carmenpeone

Heart of Passion late Spring of 2013.

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