Hannah’s Journey

    Hannah's JourneyIn the mountains of northeast Washington, sixteen-year-old Hannah Gardner fights for her childhood dream––to race horses with her adopted Indian Aunt Spupaleena. Her mother fears Hannah will get hurt. Frustrated with her daughter’s rebellious spirit, she threatens to send her away to Montana to live with an aunt Hannah’s never met.

    To escape this perceived punishment, Hannah runs away to the Sinyekst village along the Columbia River to train with Spupaleena. After Hannah’s first race, an Indian boy pulls her off her horse and spews threats. When Running Elk comes to her rescue, Hannah plans their life together and possible marriage. Will this be the pathway to her freedom?

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Meet Carmen


I am an award-winning author of the LAURA Short-fiction Contest. Read Queen of the Hill.

I live in Northeast Washington on the Colville Indian Reservation.

Tribal Elder Marguerite Ensminger taught me the love of learning the Arrow Lakes Language and various cultural traditions of the Sinyekst or Arrow Lakes band of the Colville Confederated Tribes of Indians.

I have come to honor and respect the people and the Colville Tribal heritage and wanted to create a legacy for my sons and grandchildren including their culture and our family Christian faith.

I believe in adventure and its benefits.


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