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11 Things You Must Know About Chad Davis

Welcome to the final segment of the Renewed Hope book release month-long celebration!

Are you having fun?

I hope so. I am!!

It’s time to meet the hunky hero, Chad Davis.

Fun Facts about Chad

  • He gentles colts for Seven Tine.
  • His friends think he loves horses more than humans.
  • He says, “Most Humas, not all of them.”
  • He’s one talented cowboy.
  • He’s loyal.
  • He’s a member of the Colville Confederated Tribes in Eastern Washington State.
  • He’s smart.
  • He would rather watch and listen than talk.
  • He values what Sydney and Trey think and teach him.
  • Robert Elliot (Broken Bondage) is his best friend.
  • He’s a son of God.
Image by B Hocus Pocus from Pixabay

I had a ton of fun creating Chad’s character. He’s funny in his own way and doesn’t know how to talk to women, but he’s the kind of guy you want to have in your corner.

His dream is to someday own a ranch. But he’s on the fence about when to do so because he loves working for Sydney and Trey and loves the bay roan stud colt he’s currently gentling—Trippin’ on Smart Valentine, or Trip for short.

Chad’s proud of his Indigenous heritage and knows his talents come from a long line of horsemen.

Enjoy this excerpt from Renewed Hope.

Saturday, May 1, Crack of Dawn

Colville Reservation, Eastern Washington

The bay roan stud colt’s sides heaved, a cloud of fragrant steam floating up from his wet body. Chad Davis turned his back to take the pressure off him and let him settle. Trippin’ on Smart Valentine, or Trip, defined his dream horse. Superior bloodlines. Stout. Big boned. Sound minded. Everything in him breathed the horse of a lifetime.

And Chad, the lucky one—no, blessed one—got to work with him. Thank you, God.

“How’s he doing?” Sydney Moomaw Hardy, the very pregnant Seven Tine Guest Ranch CEO, heaved a foot on the bottom rung of the round, metal pen.

“He’s amazing. Look at him. His tail’s set down, withers even with his hips, head up, butt down. Heck, he’s built like a big bulldog. Yet, he’s as gentle as a bunny. I love this guy.”

“Really? I can’t tell.” Sydney laughed. “I swear you love horses more than humans.”

He strode over to her and propped an elbow on one of the damp rails. “Maybe most humans. But not everyone.”

She patted his arm. “Listen. I need you to wrap this up. We have a lot to do before Leena’s graduation and dinner. Looks like it might even be a nice day for a celebration.” Her gaze lifted to the fog covering the pine trees and craggy hills east of the round pen.

Chad slid off his tan Stetson and wiped his brow with his shirtsleeve. He hated crowds. Hated parties. But for Sydney, he’d do anything. Besides, after all that Leena had gone through, she deserved a good party. Still, he didn’t look forward to the buzz of human voices uprooting peace and quiet.

Maybe horses were his thing. People? Not so much. Horses were forgiving. Honest. Loved unconditionally. They stuck with him—when the one person he needed the most wouldn’t. “Roger that, boss lady.”

“We’ll all meet in the lodge in thirty to go over details.” She tapped the metal rail twice and waddled to the horse barn.

He’d need to add notes to his notebook on how to run a ranch because someday, he planned on owning one of his own with just horses. How cool would it be to hold clinics and compete in colt-starting competitions? He’d have free rein.

Yeah, he’d miss Seven Tine. Mandie’s cooking. Trey and Sydney Hardy’s stellar leadership skills. Their daughter Leena’s guitar jam sessions. But he’d be free to roam the country. Chase his colt-starting visions.

I hope you enjoyed the story snippet.

What One Reader Says about Renewed Hope

Renewed Hope, Carmen Peone’s gripping story of a Native woman’s domestic abuse and abduction of her son, could be splashed across today’s headlines. The powerful depth and sweetness of this story of faith and trust in God in the midst of terrifying circumstances will keep you riveted to every page.” —S. A. Stacy, author Deadly Pursuer and Deadly Deceiver

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