Pony and Puppies Part 2

Carter and Cowboy

I got to stay at Nah Nah’s (Carmen Peone) house for a few extra days this summer. My parents told me I could. So I thought about it and decided I was big enough. Cowboy and the puppies need me and so does my Nah Nah and Papa Joe. Besides, I’m a big boy now…a cowboy with my own boots, hat, spurs and trick rope.

Yeah, I have it all with the help of my Grandma Dayna and my mom and dad and Nah Nah. They know how much I need to be a cowboy and play on the ranch. I live in a smallish town six hours away from my Papa Joe and Nah Nah. I am sure if I get really missing my mama, they would take me. It’s only six hours and three great big mountain passes.

After my mommy, daddy and baby Cramin (Cameron) left, Nah Nah and I went to play with the puppies with my girl cousins. We had to put them in time out for fighting. Hitting is not nice. I get put in time out a lot at home. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. But I know my parents care about me because they make me mind. I love them.

With all those girls, I wish my cousin Maxx was here sometimes. I know he would like my pony too. And the puppies.

We got hot down in the shop playing with the puppies so my Nah Nah filled up the pool and we went swimming. It was really fun. We also got to eat popsicles. Two of my girl cousins left after dinner that night, all but Skyla, who is also three. But I’m almost four, in January. I’m older than her. Bigger and stronger. She’s just little. Nah Nah made us a tent to sleep in that night, but I just wanted to sleep in the big bed. I made Skyla get out. Skyla slept in the tent.

Summer at Nah Nah’s house. Pony and Puppies on the Painted Hill Ranch.

We play horses together and I love to rope her.

The next morning Nah Nah took us riding. Then Papa came out and they both took pictures. I think I like having my girl cousin over because I really like to lead her around. She loved to ride Cowboy. Yeah, I still ride because I’m a cowboy, but leading Cowboy around is fun. He likes to follow me. I like to play buck’n bulls too.

We rode for awhile, and then played with the puppies. We ate lunch and swam in the pool. I’m sure my Nah Nah will take us riding again tonight. We love Cowboy. Yeah, I think when I grow up I will mountain bike with my dad and mom and Cramin, but still be a cowboy and ride my pony. Or a buck’n bull.

Now, my only decision before my Nah Nah takes me home is this: How am I going to sneak one of those tiny, cute, little puppies home with me. Hum…

We Love Cowboy!
Even Cowboys and Cowgirls love puppies.
Future Miss Rodeo Washington!
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  1. Jean Sutton says:

    love this so much, my daughter writing about my great grand children.

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thank you, mom!