An Ache in My Heart… and My Arm

First Day on Cash  July 2014
First Day on Cash
July 2014

My heart aches to climb on my horse and go for a ride

But I can’t lift the saddle and mostly have to lie on my side

My arm on a pillow to reduce the swelling

After five weeks I’m quite tired of my dwelling


I feed twice a day and run my fingers through their hair

A couple more month seems a trite hard to bare

A walk in the pasture or down the drive

Is about all I can do, thankful I’m alive


Planning out my next move with Cash, wondering if I need to start over

Perhaps I only need to begin where we left, off but in a sturdier enclosure

My mind races and whirls

My nerve twitches and swirls


The pain still fresh

My dreams distress

But I know in my heart I will climb back on

It’s the air I need in the early dawn

To feel the wind on my face

As he and I dance in the midst of His grace.

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