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Kentucky Is For Archer’s, too!

2016 Nationals T-shirt

Let’s face it, Kentucky is known for its horse racing derby every May.

Well, move over Thunder Snow and Gunnevera and make room for three of our archers from Indian Country!

This year’s Derby is May 6th. The following weekend three of our archers will fly in and shoot for the national title.

Top three archers headed for Nationals

We have one returning archer to nationals this year: Amaya Simpson. This year she came in 4th in her division, which includes high school students from across North America. If that sounds like a big deal to you, it is! Not only once did she score a perfect 50 at the state competition in Ellensburg, WA, she scored a perfect 50 TWICE!

Her final score consisting of 6 rounds––3 at 10 meters and 3 at 15 meters––with a score of 275 points from a total of 300 points.

The other two archers headed to Kentucky for nationals are elementary students:

  • Ailana Pacheco, grade 4, with a score of 246 points
  • Natasha Flett, grade 5, with a score of 257 points

This is our first year with elementary students and we coaches could not be more proud.

These kids worked hard, shot often, followed the 11 steps for success, which is part of the NASP––National Archery in the School Program––and earned their spot.

Our top middle school archer scored 260 and did not qualify for nationals. Competition is tight and as you can see from the elementary scores, each point counts.

Coaches Ben and Becky England and I are extremely proud of these archers for qualifying for their spots at Nationals in Kentucky.

By the time the derby horses’ gallop off the track, our archers will prance in and take their spots on the shooting range.

2017 Middle and Highschool Archers
2017 Elementary Archers

Best wishes to all three archers and remember––aim high!


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    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Judith, I have a complete contemporary manuscript I’m trying to sell now that includes archery and I’m just finishing a historical that also includes archery. Both are YA books.

  1. Jean Sutton says:

    Wow, Impressive! Tell the gals congratulations for me.

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      I will. Mom. Thanks!

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thank you, Chris! I’m excited for the kids.

  2. Carmen, this is so interesting. Archery is a sport many of us know virtually nothing about. I’m so glad you’re enlightening us. It’s especially worthy of attention with kids’ participation.

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thank you, Mary. I really enjoy it.