10 Book Signing Tips

Booth at Colville Rendezvous Days 2013

I have gathered a few tips to make book signings enjoyable and productive. I hope they help you in some way whether you are signing your treasured books at a book store, coffee house or local fair.

1. Make your display eye catching. Whether outside at a fair or indoor bazaar, your table needs to look neat and organized. If your book(s) have a theme, go with that. Mine is Historical Native American and include horse and horse racing. So I decorate my table with horse and Native prints as in the shown photograph.
2. Have giveaways: book marks, postcards, business cards, and anything with your logo on it. I have seen things like pencils and pens, golf tees, magnets. Use your imagination. Target your audience. I have so many grandmothers buy my books for their granddaughters since my trilogy is Young Adult.
3. A big and colorful banner or sign is a must. I have a banner with just my name, but will soon have one with a photo on it. I am currently debating on a horse or a traditional tule-mat tipi. I have also taken my book posters and have matted and framed them. They look amazing.
4. Capture emails two ways: I place a Native American basket on my front table for business cards and raffle tickets and almost always have a drawing for a basket of goodies that include one or all of my books in my Heart Trilogy. Another way to grasp those crucial emails is a sign-up sheet. I stress that the emails will never be shared in any way.
5. I have learned the more the better: I sell western/horse/Native American print pocket purses my mother sews (and a free one with the purchase of my trilogy); being an amateur photographer, I also sell photographs I take of Native Culture or Horses because that is what my books entail (the photographs also draw in the lookers); I had t-shirts printed up with the horse theme; when I can I bead jewelry and sell it with my books. The ideas are endless. Again, what is the theme of your book(s)?
6. When someone slows down to peek at my table I make eye contact and engage them in conversation. I ask them if they have young ladies or boys in their life, are interested in Native American culture or if they like horses and the 1800’s.

Booth at Town and Country Days 2012

7. I have also created pamphlets with the following information: my book covers, my picture, my bio, and why I wrote this particular trilogy. I hand them out and they are well received. The pamphlets seem personable to the potential readers and they can learn a tidbit about me and why I wrote the books, which is for my Native American son’s, their culture and our faith.
8. I have learned to dress for my book signings as well. I am usually in my Daisy print cowboy boots and Native American jewelry. Visual is huge. I dress casual but nice and welcoming.
9. I do not allow food or drinks on my table. I think this is self explanatory.
10. I smile. It’s simple. I smile and say hello and how are you. Kindness goes a long ways.

I wish you abundant success at your next book signing and that God blesses you richly.

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  1. carmenpeone says:

    Sorry everyone that I took so long to reply. I have had a sons wedding and lots and lots of family…still have one three-year-old grandson here. I appreciate your patience.
    Blessings to you all.

  2. Eunice Boeve says:

    Very good, Carmen. I like that you sell your photography and t-shirts. Since I don’t do photography, I’m thinking I might contact the artist who illustrates my books and see if I can make note pads or ? with her illustrations. Anyway, something to think about. I have a variety of books, so if I did that or t-shirts, I’d probably have to spotlight one, the latest book.
    Anyway your ideas triggered some ideas for me to use. Thanks!
    Eunice “Eunie” Boeve

    1. carmenpeone says:

      Thank you, Eunice. It’s fun. The photos get peoples attention!

      1. carmenpeone says:

        Note pads and even note cards would be a great idea! Anything really.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I am having my first book signing here very shortly, it’s in a book store so I can’t be quite as creative, but this is very helpful and never calming!


    1. carmenpeone says:

      Awesome, Jessica. Let me know how it goes!

  4. Martha Emms says:

    Nice information. thank you for sharing!

    1. carmenpeone says:

      You are welcome, Martha. Thank you for commenting.

  5. Mary E. Trimble says:

    Thank you, Carmen. It’s always fun to see how others do it. You have many good ideas.

    1. carmenpeone says:

      You are welcome, Mary. I love to always get new ideas as well.