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skyla smelling flowersJune is my favorite month. Cool air, sunshine, rain, heat, wind, thunder and lightning, flowers, all mixed into one glorious streak of days.

It can be busy with graduations and for our family, birthdays and anniversaries. But this year, with goals, jobs and chores that include riding down a colt, polishing a manuscript, creating three devotions for an annual Cowgirls for Hope weekend retreat at my house the following week, I did find time to slow down. For eight days, I had two of my granddaughters while my son and his wife sailed away on an Alaska cruise. You may be thinking––she slowed down with small children? Yeah, right!

My mind is young, at least by twenty years. Unfortunately, my body has a hard time keeping up and so does my energy level. Even though I did slow down in a sense, I was tired by bedtime. This was a blessing because I was forced along with cold, dreary days to hunker down and get some things done indoors with the girls.

skyla rilyn and alice

The first weekend, two of my grandsons joined us. So a couple in their fifties, me and my hubby, took on a two-, four-, five- and six-year-old grandkids. Yikes! We picked up rocks (the kids made out with green in their pockets), and had campfires and S’mores while I snuck in a quick horseback ride, reset panels, that is hubby and I did while the kids hung on them like monkeys in a tree, then took all four to church. Bigger yikes! That was a whole lot easier when I was in my twenties.

Once the boys went home and Joe back to work in Spokane, the girls and I had a grand time. For a couple days, we had a spare one-year-old girl with us. We played, sorted piles of jewelry I’d collected for forty years, pet horses, had a photo shoot and yes, we took the time to smell the flowers. Needed time to collect my energy for a busy summer.

skyla watering

We have a huge catalpa tree outside and it smells like heaven––sweet and fragrant. Every day I smelled those white with streaks of yellow and purple flowers. The girls and I smelled and picked roses off my bushes. They helped me water flowers and feed and water dogs and horses. What a big time we had, a covert distraction from missing their mom and dad.

I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to get everything done for the cowgirl retreat, but I am. Panels are set, weeds whacked, law mowed, campers out, lists made. And in plenty of time. I think when we do take the time to slow down and breathe, life falls into place.

kids rocks backhoe

Because I was somewhat forced to slow down, I will be going into the retreat rested and ready. I’ll have a calm and peaceful heart, ready to fellowship with ladies, some I don’t know that well, others not at all, and have fun, especially while in the saddle.

Last year, the retreat was held in August. Forest fires surrounded us and smoke filled the air. This year we planned to beat any potential fires and heat. I’m thrilled to have it in June. Since the weather has been cold and windy all week, I’m hoping and praying it will be nice and sunny by the time ladies arrive and we saddle up on Friday. I’m thrilled to share my favorite month with seventeen ladies and a bucketful of hope.

What’s your favorite month and why?

How do you spend your time smelling the roses?

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  1. The second half of September and generally all of October. Nebraska summers are pretty brutal, and we finally get relief in the fall. My husband calls September 15 “Magic Day” because he’s observed that the heat reliably dissipates after that date.

    1. carmenpeone says:

      October is my husband’s favorite month with cool weather, and the mountains are splashed with fall colors. I bet you get pretty humid also. Our Augusts are dry and hot, cooling off in October. Thanks for sharing, Brigid!