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Meet the Hero!

Happy Valentines Day!

What better way to celebrate the month of love than with a hunky cowboy.

So, Trey, tell us a little about yourself.

What do I love more than lasagna and the Arizona Wildcats?


There is nothing more fulfilling than helping society process the aftermath of natural disasters. Or perceive the beauty of sand and cacti in a desert landscape. Maybe even experience an emotional connection with an old woman as she sells her silver-and-turquoise jewelry at the fall Santa Fe Indian Market in New Mexico.

Travel, experiencing hardship and the blessing of creation, is what I live for.

Some accuse me of running. Running from my father. From the past. They might be right.

I say I’m trying to make something of myself. On my own. Just me and my Maker. Not needed anyone else’s name or influence to get the job done.

Being on the go is what I live for. And no one can stop me.

Because working hard is in my DNA.

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Know what I love most after snapping a great shot?

Horses. Cattle. And helping women see their dreams come true.

I might not always do the right thing. Or listen as well as I should. But with every breath in me, I’m going to try my best to get it done.

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