Welcoming Spring

the trio
Buck and Cash

I want to wish you all a Happy Almost Spring from my home to yours.


As the daffodils peek their heads up toward the light and sun, dip their fingers into the fridge morning frost, they begin the first stages of coming back to life after a long winter’s sleep.


I feel the same way. The sun is out, warming my face and offering a path for my senses to stretch their legs. My spirits are lifted with each added minute of daylight.


I look forward to dry ground and soft soil. The colors of tulips as their petals unfold. A renewed mind and attitude. The fresh smell of spring rain. Leather under my bum as I ride out into the woods, Buck or Cash snorting and sniffing new growth on young pine trees.


Can you see it? Heart it? Smell it? Touch it? Taste it?

Seeds planted.

Birds trilling in the trees.

Fresh dirt.

Green grass.



Now, get out there and enjoy it and share your findings and new discoveries with me. I’m here. Waiting.


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One Comment

  1. I agree, Carmen. It’s a wonderful time of year. We are pretty tired of the rain and welcome dry ground. The budding trees are delightful. It’s still dark on our morning walk–can’t wait to walk in morning’s light.