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Western Women: Carole T Beers

Image by Brittany Colpitts from Pixabay

Howdy, friends!

Ready to meet another Inspirational Western Woman?

Goodness! I’ve loved every story these amazing women have shared. Have you? Carole and I met through Women Writing the West, and I someday hope to meet her. She’s spunky, a go-getter, and as sweet as honey.

And her horse, who you’ll meet soon, is one fine-looking dude!

With that . . .

I’d like to welcome one of this month’s Inspirational Western Women, Carole Beers.

Thank you, Carmen Peone, for inviting me to share about my New West life and writing. Your Winning posts bring us close and reveal what amazing paths led to who we are, what we write, craft and sing.

Writing, riding, spirit, and adventuring are huge to me—even in my 70s, retired from 40 years in daily journalism, and have shown horses in events like trail, western pleasure, and horsemanship where I earned regional/national honors.

I write and ride to live!

My “New West Mysteries with Heart” are fresh women’s-fiction cozies, thrillers, and other inspiring tales. They often feature shows and guest ranches. But they ALWAYS have Western values and settings, humor, and embraces. Covers of the #PepperKaneMysteries star Brad, my Paint ex-show horse. I ride 5x a week around his boarding stable in Oregon’s Rogue River Valley.

Adventuring is in my DNA, as it was in my forebears’. Newspapering, flying planes, competitive target shooting, and riding/showing horses taught me to notice details, seize opportunities, and power through doubt. Talk about skills for novel writing—which I began doing in retirement! Since 2016 I’ve had eight traditionally-pubbed novels beginning with Saddle Tramps.

How did I reach this satisfying place? By God’s grace, of course. Plus fair DNA, health habits, mentors…and by working my middle name: “Faith,” not Fear.

Born in Portland to both-side descendants of Oregon Trail pioneers—many of whom farmed, taught or preached in Eastern Washington—I fell in love with horses on my first ride at age four and through stories Mom read aloud, or I heard on the radio.

I grew up a good student but a bit of a wild child in Eastern Washington, Eugene, Seattle, and rural Grants Pass—my current home. I watched Westerns, listened to rock and country, and idolized cowpersons and other brave, right-minded souls. I rode fields and forests. Arenas and city streets, often with my 4-H group.

And won a pair of purple chaps!

My first horse and author autograph came at age 11. I wrote for school papers and sold stories to western and romance magazines. Anyone remember “I Stripped To Be Popular?”

After a brief study in England, I earned a B.A. with honors in Journalism at the University of Washington and went to work for The Times. I also taught and mentored at Asian and American Indian schools. It all sharpened the writing skills.

It also got me kissed by John Wayne in an interview, sung to by Robert Goulet, and nodded at by Queen Elizabeth.

This passion for words, horses, adventure, and celebrating marginalized people burns fierce to this day. It also has earned me journalism prizes, and three American Paint Horse Association National Amateur Honor Roll championships. Woohoo!

I’ve owned 20 horses, including Blaze, my first, a sweet black and white mustang caught on the Oregon desert. She broke her leg (and my heart) when she had to be put down.

Quarter horses and Paints followed in her hoof prints. I improved my riding/schooling skills while still keeping to my trail rides. Never mind falling into a barbed-wire fence while standing up riding bareback.

The best western horse awards ribbons came in open and breed shows when I partnered with trainers and stuck to a riding plan with each horse.

Discipline and mentors are key to success on any path!

I’m indebted for the events, books, loved ones—even enemies!—who touch my life. They keep me writing and editing a few hours daily with breaks for my horse, dogs, bird and cat.

Sticking to mindful habits at what you most want to do helps you succeed at almost anything, from riding to literature. And partnering with kindred souls, like my smart, goofy Brad, and my Boston terriers, bird and cat—keep you going.

Connect with Carole

Visit www.caroletbeers.com

About Carole

Born in Portland, Ore., to descendants of Oregon Trail pioneers, I fell in love with writing as soon as I could read, and with horses as soon as I could ride. I wrote my first stories — and illustrated them — at age seven. I got my first horse as well as my first author autograph at eleven, setting the dream in motion.

Along the way, I competed on a women’s shooting team. It was a blast to earn a Sharpshooter rating. I also flew planes, designed clothing, and dabbled in PR.

My free-time pursuits include dancing, hiking, playing games, or watching the Seattle Seahawks with my husband, Rich Peterson, attending Bethany Presbyterian Church, visiting with friends, hanging with our Boston Terriers, and riding my American Paint horse, Shiny Good Bar (Brad).

*~* If you are a western woman or have someone in mind who can share their stories with us, please pass on their name and contact information to me at CARMENPEONE.COM. I’d love to include them on this journey.

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  1. I’ve known this name for ages–it’s so good to put this information together with the name!

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Mary, how wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

    2. Carole T. Beers says:

      Mary, thank you! It’s good to “see” you here. What are you working on!

      1. Thank you for asking, Carole. Off and on I’ve been working on a sequel to my latest contemporary western, “Maureen.” But much of my time is taken doing book reviews that I feature on my blog, MaryTrimbleBooks.com/marys-blog.

        1. Carmen Peone says:

          Mary, I can’t wait for Maureen‘s sequel!! And your book reviews are so thoughtful. They are the best!

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thank you, Betsy!

      1. Carole T. Beers says:

        Aww? Thank you, Miss Betsy. It’s lovely hear from you. We’ll make your son proud of his western heritage, yet!

    2. Carole T. Beers says:

      Thank you, new WWW President Betsy. You inspire the heck out of ME! A woman of faith fortified with training and courage, Let’s get that son of yours proud of lhis Oklahoma roots!

  2. Carole T. Beers says:

    Thank you so much, Carmen, fellow westwoman author and Paint horse rider! Sharing our stories with enthusiastic people—and hearing THEIR stories—brings me such joy. Connecting, caring. This
    is my treasure. It spurs me forward and fills my heart,

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Carole, it was a pleasure to have you! I loved hearing more about you. Be blessed.