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Women Writing the West: 5 Reasons to Join

Women Writing the West
Does “The West” peak your interest? Do you write for women and/or young girls? Do you like historical or contemporary novels? Whatever your pleasure is you might want to consider this amazing organization of Women Writing the West (WWW).

I have just returned from my first WWW conference that was held in Kansas City, MO. After corresponding with members for a year on either Facebook or a Yahoo listserv, I was finally able to meet so many of these amazing ladies.

There are numerous reasons why one should join this cultivating group; however, I will only share five. But first let me clarify the term “west” as stated by the WWW group: west of the Mississippi River.

1. WWW members are so gracious with advice. On the Yahoo listserv I, for example, recently posted a question about how to enhance my speaking skills, or what few skills I do possess. Many authors have found great success by speaking about their books whether fiction or non-fiction. I was flooded with advice, which I plan on compiling for a future blog post. No question is trivial and the rush of wisdom and experience is unparalleled.

2. There are three means of communication for WWW members. The listserv, which I have already mentioned, is a Yahoo group for members only where we can communicate privately with each other as WWW members; this is where that valuable advice is shared so freely. WWW has two Facebook accounts: a Facebook page that is open for anyone to join where writers and authors can share with one another about their book covers, blogs, releases and such. The second is a WWW Facebook Fan page which shares information about what is happening within the WWW world.

3. These women are fabulous authors and writers who generously support their peers. There is constant hooray for new book covers, first novels, book releases, blog posts, awards. The list flows like the smooth current of the Mississippi River and is just as long.

4. The annual Woman Writing the West conference is a worthwhile path for a writer. The conference visits a different state each year which is a bonus in itself. The 2014 conference will be held in Denver Colorado as it is the 20th year celebration and where the conference was birthed.

5. WWW holds two writing contests annually and really, who doesn’t like a healthy competition? The first one is called the Laura Short Fiction Contest named after Laura Ingalls Wilder. The second one is called the WILLA Literary Awards contest which is named after Willa Cather and has different fiction and non-fiction categories.

I have come back revived, renewed and ready to finish my next Young Adult book.

For more information see Women Writing the West

I Hope to see you next year in Denver, CO.
But for now, happy trails on your writing journey.

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  1. Thanks for this info. round-up. I want to talk to ya more about over our next cuppa.


    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Yes, Darlene. We can talk about it. May just be a good fit for you also. Blessings to you too.

  2. Carmen Peone says:

    Kaye, Thank you for commenting. I look forward to meeting you in Denver next year! Happy Trails. Carmen

  3. Five worthwhile reasons to become (and remain) a WWW member. 😉 I live in southeastern Colorado, so weather permitting, I’ll be in Denver, too.