Tirzah Stuart and A Hard Trail Home

Tirzah C Stuart, Western Author
Tirzah C Stuart, Western Author
Welcome Tirzah C Stuart. She and I met in Lewiston, ID this past September at a Cowgirl Rendezvous Dinner. As it turns out we share the same publisher, Tate Publishing. Tirzah’s debut novel has just been newly released: A Hard Trail Home and it is gripping To start things off I want to share a little interview I had with Tirzah Stuart.

1) What or who inspired you to write your book?

The inspiration for A Hard Trail Home came from a culmination of life events. At the young age of 17, I began working on ranches and learning about that lifestyle. All of those experiences added stories to my own life and rich moments of learning and excitement. Later in life, my journey to Motherhood began and thus the second half of my book was born.

2) When and why did you begin writing?

I have been writing since I could spell, or at least thought I could.
I began this particular book at 20 years old. I started it as a way to share my love of ranching and horses in a historical, meaningful way. I love history and I felt that I could offer something inspiring and entertaining. The main character, Laurel, perseveres through many trials in her young life, similar to things I faced personally. I wanted others to see that you can do great things with the life you’re given, even if the odds are against you. There is great purpose to all of us.

3) What are some of your favorite books or authors?

My all-time favorite author is Henry David Thoreau. He was a naturalist, an idealist in his own right and sought out beauty in everyday phenomena. I enjoy a variety of Classic works, such as: Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Little Women, and so on. William Faulkner, Louis L’Amour, and Dr. Seuss are beloveds of mine. As for living writers, I lean more towards historical fiction. The works of Lisa See, Gail Tsukiyama, and Amy Tan top my list. Current-time novelist Kristen Hannah writes beautifully compelling, haunting stories as well.

4) Advice for Writers?

My advice for any level of writer is simply: write what you know, write what you love. Don’t quit.

5) What is your next Writing Project?
I’m very excited about my next project! It stems from a true murder mystery that took place in the same county I live in. It remains unsolved to this day and unfolded in a mining town when the Gold Rush was in full fever. The true story itself has many superb novelistic elements; love, a western background, a strong woman of great courage revenge, and mystery.

6) Who is your biggest influence or support of your writing career?

My biggest influence and support of my writing career have been my husband, Greg, and my sister Rebecca. Greg believes in me and lets me bounce ideas off him and listens endlessly to edits. Rebecca is my secret weapon. She, being my sister, never hesitates to tell me the truth of whether or not my material is just plain garbage that day, or story-worthy. Above this however, without God’s blessings and inspiration none of my writing would matter. Being able to see my dream of becoming a published author and share my stories, wouldn’t have come to fruition without Him.

A Hard Trail Home

“The sun opened spots of color through the dawn’s rising steam. The geese had come and gone now. The frost bit the valley floors and left its cold mark on the earth. Some days the blue tones in heaven made Laurel’s spirit bright, but with the dreary days before winter she would find herself saddened from her accident. She hated being stuck in bed with everyone doting on her so. She couldn’t sneak a moment outside. From the window of her room she could watch the vivid hues in the trees turn with fall.”
Laurel Whitley lives in a time when roles are defined and life on the untamed western frontier is rugged and harsh. Laurel faces her days with confidence, hard work, and a simple satisfaction with her self-built reputation as a tough and able cowgirl. But when Laurel begins to feel the pull of mixed emotions of who she is, where she belongs, and proving herself as a woman she must walk the path set before her to fulfill a higher calling. Faced with emotional and physical adversity, will Laurel learn to find her way to herself, her place, and her love?

Tirzah C. Stuart resides in the majestic Idaho Mountains with her husband, Greg, their three beautiful daughters and a passel of critters. In her youth, Tirzah worked on several horse ranches throughout the northwest until meeting her husband and settling in Idaho. She then became involved in teaching foster care and adoptive parenting classes while she and Greg built their own family. Her biggest accomplishment and utmost joy is being a mother.

Here is where you can purchase A Hard Tail Home:

A Hard Trail Home

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  1. Thanks, miss Carmen, for sharing this interview; and thanks, miss Tirzah for letting us get to know you and your work!

    By the way, that cover is some kinda awesome too. As a dog-loving, gun slinging country girl, it really grabs my attention! I look forward to the read.

    May God bless both of you ladies as you shine His light.

    1. Tirzah C. Stuart says:


      Thank you for the wonderful comments! I’m so glad you like the cover and that it “grabs you” I had a go-around with the artist about the awe factor and I got my way :)! I truly hope you’ll enjoy it and that I have a chance to get to know all of Carmen’s colleagues as well. Thank you for the blessings!

      Happy Trails,


    2. Carmen Peone says:

      Darlene, you are welcome. You will love these ladies! Cowgirls for sure…

  2. Virgil Butler says:

    Hi Tirzah, congratulations on your first of many novels. I miss you in Council, best of luck to you and your family, tell everyone i said “HI” and please listen to your own advice and DON’T QUIT…………………virg

    1. Tirzah C. Stuart says:


      Thanks for taking the time to read my interview. I’m just so lucky to have this opportunity. I hope you’ll let me know how you like “A Hard Trail Home”. I won’t quit and soon you’ll be reading my next book! We miss home as well, give Council a big “hello” from all of us.

      Take care friend,


  3. Jayne Tolman says:

    Just finished reading thd book. Coildn’t put it down! Laurel’s strength comes through on every page!

    1. Tirzah C. Stuart says:


      Thank you for being an advocate of mine and my writing (my whole life)! You’ve always been my cheerleader and my support. I’m thankful for you always. I’m so glad you enjoyed “A Hard Trail Home”.


  4. Wonderful story about the author and the book sounds like something I’ll have to put on my TBR list!

    1. Tirzah C. Stuart says:


      Thank you for reading the interview. Carmen is an invaluable mentor to me and I appreciate her time and efforts on my behalf. I’m so thrilled that I’m making your list! I am hoping this book is my first of many. You’ll have to let me know how “A Hard Trail Home” rates on your “Already Read It” list 🙂

      Happy Trails,


  5. Beautiful cover and great story-line for young adult fiction. As I often say, some of the best writing being done today is at the hands of young adult and children’s writers. Hope you’ll come visit WWW and be sure to plan to submit this for the WILLA competition!

    1. Tirzah C. Stuart says:


      First of all….THE Jane Kirkpatrick commented on my interview (WOW!) Jane, Thank you so much for the invitation to WWW, I plan on joining. I deeply appreciate your comments and thoughts. I am honored that you think my work worthy of a WILLA submission. Again, WOW! I hope you’ll enjoy the read and keep inspiring the rest of us with your incredible work.
      Thank you!


    1. Tirzah C. Stuart says:


      Thank you for leaving a comment. The cover really did turn out as I pictured. I hope my writing meets your expectations. Let me know what you think of my first novel once you’ve had a chance to read “A Hard Trail Home”.
      Happy Trails,


  6. Sounds like a book right up my alley!!! Sounds like a woman I would like to get to know!!! Can’t wait to read it!

    1. Tirzah C. Stuart says:


      Thank you for your kind comments, I truly hope you find “A Hard Trail Home” to your liking. It’s meant to be inspiring, entertaining, and a little thought provoking. Please let me know your thoughts on it when you’ve had a chance to read it.
      Thank you again,.


  7. Carol Cunningham says:

    Loved your first (of many I hope) novel. It was a fun, interesting read and one that I’d be willing to share with my daughter, mother and grandmother. It truly speaks to the young women in every one of us. It will find it’s way into my daughter’s and granddaughter’s Christmas stockings!

    1. Tirzah C. Stuart says:


      I am so pleased that you enjoyed “A Hard Trail Home.” I feel honored that you would like to share this story with your family, what a huge compliment! I am already researching material for my next novel. Thank you for your support.