Craft Fairs: Fun or Folly for Authors?

Craft Fairs Fun or Folly for Authors?
What a craft fair! This past weekend I was a vendor at my high school Craft Fair. Go Bears! I haven’t been back since I graduated in 1983. But then again, I went to the old school and now there stands a gorgeous new school, which was surely needed. Once my table was set up, I started talking to the silver haired woman next to me. She had beautiful handmade jewelry. After chatting for a bit, she confessed that she had also attended Central Valley High School–the old, old school. Marji Fewkes had graduated from Central Valley High School in 1958. She talked about living in the Spokane Valley and packing water from their well.
I was fortunate to have shared my booth space with Melody Biehl. She has created the non-profit organization called Because There Is Hope. Melody is raising money to buy a house called Faye’s House in the Spokane, WA area for those with cancer to stay in during treatments. Currently, Because There is Hope does offer lodging and gas cards for cancer patients having treatments in Spokane. For more information see her website at:
So the question is, are craft fairs fun or folly for authors. Many of my author friends are successful speakers and or editors. I so far am neither. However, I love book signings and craft fair as well as summer fairs and festivals. No, set up and take down are not fun. So you shrug your shoulder and ask, “Really, what is so much fun then?” I say the pleasurable comes from making new friend, seeing old ones, having people walk by my booth and state that they have my books and love them–keep up the good work, and seeing families and friends together enjoying the day and time spent together.
I thank God for my time with others. I may only sell one book some signings, but that book will affect that one person in a positive way because it is God inspired and he has sent me to encourage you and your children!

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