How does God inspire you? Through music or a daily message? Through humans or animals? I’m inspired by my American Paint Horse. I love all things horse. Bucks Superwind was the inspiration of the stallion in my Heart Trilogy named Sampson. When I have a hurried day, when nothing seems to be going my way, I saddle up and head out into the woods that parallel my home in Northeast Washington. Three gates and I enter freedom. Freedom from worry, the rush of marketing my young adult books, free from work at our local k-12 school. I lope along and all the sudden my mind is free and clear, and I’m ready to allow God’s inspiration fill me up and calm my spirit.

There is nothing more stimulating than the smell of horse hair and the feel of their soft winter coat. Just remember this…Jesus will be riding his white stallion.

May God bless whatever inspires you.

Tell me what inspires you and your name will go into a drawing for a free book. Drawing Dec. 15th…my 29th wedding anniversary!!

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