A Good Read: Marnie

Marnie: Pendleton Petticoats––Book 4

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I recently had the pleasure to get to know author Shanna Hatfield. We connected at the Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton, OR as my husband attended a weeklong conference and I tagged along. Following lunch at the casino, Shanna and I headed to the Pendleton Wool Mill for a tour and shopping then to Hamley’s Saddle Shop and a walk around town.

Previously we met online and through Women Writing the West and twice I’ve been a guest for Shanna’s book launch parties on Facebook. Talk about a hardworking gal. Boy did we have fun!

But it was before the final good-byes and hope-to-see-you-soons that we exchanged books. I was blessed with Marnie, Shanna’s 4th book in the Pendleton Petticoat series.

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Marnie is set in 1904, Pendleton, OR, home of the world-famous Pendleton Round-Up. Let’er Buck!

Marnie Jones is a young beautiful lady who’s been thrown into the only job she can find, selling her body for money. She hated this line of work, but it was all she had and was Miss Clementine’s favorite. It may not be her first choice, but at least she was someone’s favorite. Shame filled her. Hope eluded her. But she had food, warmth, and money. She was comfortable with her life, it was predictable. That is until U.S. Marshal Lars Thorsen rolled into town.

One look at the lanky, handsome law-man and her world is turned upside down. But what is she thinking? An important man would never glance her way let alone love her. Love her unconditionally. Or would he? Could he? Could she open up her heart to only be shattered?

Mesmerized by the way she looked in the light filtering in the front windows of the shop, Lars closed the distance between them until he stood directly in front of her. Bending down, he looked beneath the brim of her hat and noticed tiny little flecks of green in her blue eyes, rimmed with dark lashes.

I say he does notice Marnie. Not only notices her, but accepts the woman for who she is and takes things a step further by helping her love herself. In time, Lars helps her muster up the confidence she needs to leave her way of life for one she can be proud of, sewing with Ilsa Campanelli, Lar’s sister.

In fact, all of Lar’s family and friends accept Marnie, which helps her transition into her new life. They don’t condemn her, only show her bushels of unconditional love. But can she allow herself to love Lars as he loves her?

“I missed you, too, but I didn’t think you’d be coming back.” Marnie knew he’d visit his sisters, but she was afraid to hope he’d come see her.  He’d made it perfectly clear from the start he was married to his job as a U.S. Marshal and had no room in his life or his heart for a wife or family.

Marnie is a Sweet Western Historical Romance, as Shanna puts it. And I agree. A read you can cuddle up on the couch with a cup of tea and lose yourself in for a few hours. Shanna is an accomplished storyteller and Marnie is definitely an inspiring, Good Read.

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  1. A very fine review of what promises to be a good read. I love the cover of Marnie. Shanna Hatfield is really a prolific writer. How fun that you two could roam the streets of Pendleton together!

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thank you, Mary. So glad you stopped by. Marnie is such a fun read and Shanna is truly a remarkable writer. Roaming Pendleton together was the icing on the cake! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review, Carmen! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book and very much appreciate your kind words (and friendship!) Happy New Year to you!

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      You are more than welcome, Shanna. Happy New Year to you too!