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How You Can Learn More about the Seven Tine Guest Ranch’s Manifesto


Sydney Moomaw and Trey Hardy


Honesty and Integrity are the Seven Tine’s Foundation

Lead by Example

Respect and Enjoy Each Other and the Land We Live On

Make Goals and Prepare for the Ruts in the Road

Stand on Your Word

Make Sure Every Horse, Cow, and Cowboy Pull Their Weight


Which one stands out to you? I’d love to know.

It was super fun creating this philosophy. A creed Sydney and her crew could live by. One I can follow too.

It sure helps the hero in Book #2 also.

It keeps him on track when he has to take over the guest ranch for a month.

You’ll find out more on or before October 3, when it releases.

I have to tell you about the logo. For my husband’s 60th birthday, our sons and I had a surprise party for him. My husband is an avid shed hunter (in the spring, he hikes the mountains and collects dropped antlers).

So one of my sons, who then taught high school metal shop, created the beautiful metal image and attached it to the elk shed (with 7 tines or points) for his gift.

After snapping a suitable photo, I cut it out with my photo editing program BeFunky. It’s now the Seven Tine Guest Ranch’s Logo.

You should have seen the look on my hubby’s face when he saw this gorgeous gift. It was priceless! He was so happy tears leaked from his eyes.

It was one of the most thoughtful gifts my son has given, and my husband has received.

Trey gives Sydney a pretty sweet gift in Book #2. And, yes, it has to do with the manifesto.

Back to Book #1.

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Again I ask, which one of the philosophies stands out to you? I’d love to know. Please share it in the comments below.


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