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Welcome to a portion of the Lillian’s Legacy Pre-launch party! I have a special guest with me to help celebrate.

Something I’ve wanted to do for years is to write a song. When I was thinking of new ways to launch a book, Lillian’s Legacy is released today!, I decided why not write a song about Lillian and her legacy. Her desires and dreams, fears and hopes of finding out who she really is meant to be.

When I decided to go ahead, saddle up, and commit to writing the song, who better to sing it than my best friend who is a singer/songwriter! Find out more later…

Melody and her husband, Ken. Photo courtesy of Pam Noland photography.

With that, I’d like to introduce Melody Biehl and her gift of music.

How long have you been writing songs and singing?

I began singing as a teenager. I have always had a love for music.

I began writing songs as a young adult.

How did you get started?

As a teenager, I traveled with the Northwest Choir tour to Alaska one summer and then as an adult, I traveled 3 different times with the Encore Continental Singers, traveling the United States and Puerto Rico.

When I was dating my now-husband he bought me a microphone and amplifier so I could sing. He would even sing with me on occasion.

One of the first songs I wrote was “I’ve Got a Reason To Be Happy” at a time in my life that it’s wasn’t really happy. Watch Video. God spoke to me and told me that He is my reason to be Happy.

What is your songwriting genre?

I write inspirational, country/western, and contemporary.

When I write a song it usually has to do with what’s happening in my life at the time.

What is the song you’ve written that mean the most to you and why?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I have many that mean a lot to me, and as I said before, every song I write has to do with my life at the time.

I would have to say that the one that means the most is the one I wrote about my husband Ken. “He’s a Cowboy”. It talks about who he is.

“Crimson Water” is another one that means a lot. I wrote the words when Ken and I were on our way to a rodeo and my daughter Holly was at home playing a tune. We didn’t know it at the time but the two went together. That’s how God works when I’m writing music.

Talk about the difference between performing one of your songs versus a song someone else has written.

When writing your own song, that song is in your heart and mind. But, when doing someone else’s song you need to know where they are coming from, what the song means to them so you can get the song in your heart and mind.

There’s always that question if they are going to like what you do. Sometimes there are changes to the words, tune, and timing to make it all flow together.

A Legacy Worth Leaving was written for piano and we decided transposing to guitar would work better, especially for the video and book launch event. What was the process you went through to make this happen?

Having Carmen as the songwriter, playing the song on the piano, and singing it was the process. Then, I spent time listening to that and began playing it on the piano and singing. Then switched to the guitar.

What are your thoughts about the lyrics of A Legacy Worth Leaving?

The lyrics speak to my heart as a person searching. There have been hurts along the way as I’m trying to find my way. But, I take a leap of faith, and as I do there is freedom and Hope.

I feel really honored that Carmen asked me to sing her song. It was a leap of faith for me as I have never done this before.

Photo courtesy of Pam Noland photography.

Melody Biehl Bio

Singer, Songwriter, Speaker and cancer survivor.

Melody was born and raised in the Yakima Valley area.

As a young girl Melody’s hopes and dreams were to someday be a singer/songwriter. At a young age she started writing her own songs and performed at community events and cowboy churches.

Her dream became a reality when she recorded her very first CD, Spread Your Wings and she has a second CD, Sweet As Honey.

She married her high school sweetheart Ken, and in 1997 they moved along with their 2 daughters to the Spokane area.

Also in 1997, Melody was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being the tough woman that she is she refused to stick her head in the sand in hopes of forgetting that it ever happened and made the decision to help others going through the same thing she had.

In 2004, she started the nonprofit “Because There Is Hope”. Bringing a message of Hope, Healing and a safe Haven to those touched by cancer. Because There Is Hope offers free lodging to those coming from out of town to Spokane for treatment.

Melody has found her voice and now brings a message of hope to those around her through her love for music and inspirational speaking.

Melody would love to connect with you on Facebook.

Now that the release party is over, here is Melody performing “A Legacy Worth Leaving.”

Lillian’s Legacy Online Release Party

I hope you can join us today at 1:00 PM for the Lillian’s Legacy Facebook release party. Along with Melody and myself, there will be three other amazing authors, fun, giveaways, games, and more!

And you will be able to listen to the song’s debut~ A Legacy Worth Leaving! 

See you there!

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  1. Laura Emerson says:

    Wow, Carmen, you have discovered yet another talent God has given you. What a beautiful song, and sung so beautifully as well. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thank you, Mary! I’m pretty excited!

  2. Melody Biehl says:

    So excited for the launch party. Thank you for inviting me to be your guest and most if all to sing and perform your song.

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thank you for agreeing to perform my song! I could not have done it without you!