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Mentoring a Realm Beyond My Own

Part Four: Editing––Demon Hunter Writing is the easy part. Our minds are in the creative mode. Our fingers peck at the keyboard with unfailing speed. Smiles bloom on our faces, eyes dancing as creativity pours out. Our characters are dancing, fighting, loving, caring, and sometimes even in a fit of rage. They are talking, whispering, […]

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Mentoring a Realm Beyond My Own

Part Three: Theme, Story Line, and Three-Act Structure Do you remember me stating previously that Nathan’s character and world sheets had vanished? Well they remain in the depth of some dump site, but Nathan was able to rewrite most of it. Unfortunately they are not as detailed as before, but he’s off to a good […]

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Mentoring a Realm Beyond My Own

A journey mentoring an aspiring author for a high school senior project.   Last spring my phone rang.  On the other end came the voice of a young man I knew very well.  He was a junior in high school, preparing for his senior project. Why was he calling me? “Hi, Carmen. This is Nathan.  I’m […]

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