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Sailing with Impunity

Mary E. Trimble’s newest book, Sailing with Impunity, is another first-rate account of her travels. In her book, Tubob: Two Years in West Africa with the Peace Corps, Mary shares her experiences with Bruce, her newly married husband, in a third-world country. Mary’s second non-fiction book, Sailing with Impunity takes its readers on a 13,000-mile […]

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Speckled Fish People: Swallowed By The Flood

Speckled Fish People: Swallowed By The Flood

Harmony dominated the Sinixt or Arrow Lakes People of northeast Washington State until 1930. Talk of a great dam being erected at Grand Coulee, Washington struck fear and tension reservation wide. Traditional fishing could be lost forever. Would be lost forever. Backwater would force towns, graveyards and other historical sites to relocate. Backwater would soon […]

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Speckled Fish People: First Root Ceremony

Welcome back! I want to share with you about the First Root Ceremony of the Sinixt or Lakes People of Northeast Washington State. When I was editing for my up-and-coming book Heart of Passion, my editor wanted more cultural pieces woven in the tapestry of my story like the colorful hues the Native women entwine […]

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