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Why I Named the Seven Tine Ranch Romance Books the Way I Did?  

As you might already know, the Seven Tine Ranch Romance is inspired by a family event that deals with domestic violence, abuse, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women/People.

Abuse, no matter the form, is never love.

Too often, abusers are victims of abuse themselves. And that trauma runs deep through generations.

The victim feels alone.



And that’s why they often keep the abuse hidden.

They keep the secrets because of threats, shame, and fear.

“The thing that I did not know that was so revealing to me was that anywhere between 50% and 75% of domestic violence homicides happen at the point of separation or after [the victim] has already left [her abuser],” says Cynthia Hill, director of HBO’s Private Violence. 

Therefore, I titled Book One—Captured Secrets.

And this is why Sydney Hardy kept so many secrets.

She didn’t trust.

Shame burrowed down to her bones.

Until Trey Hardey showed her the light and captured her heart.

While there is no direct reference to ‘Sydney’ in the Bible, some theories suggest that the name may have origins in Hebrew or Greek.

Back in the day, Sydney was a notable name that carried great significance. In biblical times, names held a lot of meaning and were chosen carefully based on their symbolism. The name Sydney is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, but it does have connections to biblical themes.

Sydney means ‘wide island’ or ‘broad meadow,’ which could symbolize abundance or prosperity.

When Sydney came back to God, her Creator, He blessed her richly.

But, at some point, the abuser needs to release the secrets she keeps captive.

In order to live.

My mantra for DM victims is to GET HELP! GET OUT! Your life is worth it!

Only when in a safe space can the victim start to heal. Maybe trust. Hopefully feel safe. Find a thread of hope.

It’s only then she can start to break the bondage of abuse and violence.

Hence the title, Broken Bondage

Rita Runninghorse was fortunate to leave when her abuser was distracted and out of town and fled to Seven Tine to get help.

At the guest ranch, she found Robert Elliot, who kept her safe, even when he had rodeo on his mind.

The spiritual meaning of the name Rita is associated with the Latin word rita which means right or lawful.

It is an expression of a deeply rooted, inner truth and is often associated with a sense of justice, fairness, and truth.

People who bear the name Rita tend to be strong-willed and independent.

They have a strong sense of justice and stand up for what they believe in.

They are also often kind, compassionate, and generous.

Rita Runninghorse is all of that and more. She found the courage to break free.

Her wounds can heal. At some point, she may even find healthy love again.

Renewed Hope is just that.

Renewed hope in God’s love and protection.

Renewed Hope in love and life.

Sophie Cayes found renewed hope in Seven Tine’s horse gentler, Chad Davis.

See, second chances can and do happen.

But only when victims learn healthy boundaries and recognize their self-worth.

When they learn to see kindness and respect in relationships and find the strength and support to stop subjecting themselves to harm, they will find peace and joy.

When they learn to read the signs of abuse and get help and get out, they will find safety.

And when victims are safe and healed, they can search for healthy relationships and renewed love and hope.

Thankfully, Sydney, Rita, and Sophie all find – remember these are romance stories, so this is not a spoiler – their happily ever after.

Let’s talk about love for a moment.

Abuse, whether emotional, mental, physical, financial, sexual, or spiritual, is never love. Violence is selfish manipulation. It steals the victim’s self-worth and isolates them from family and friends. It lies, deceives, and betrays.

Friends, do you know how much Creator God loves and values you? I hope you’ll take the time to discover how important you are to Him.

So, let’s talk about what love is.

Love is kind, tender, patient, truthful, respectful, selfless, and humble. Love uplifts and encourages. It never tears a person down.

I’d like to encourage you to recognize the difference between what love is and isn’t and to seek help if you are in an abusive relationship.

If you need help, please use these hotlines:

National Domestic Violence Hotline

800.799.SAFE (7233)

And please share this blog post with women. You never know who might need to be rescued!

~*~*~*~Good News!!!~*~*~*~

Next Week is release week! 2.6.24!!

Renewed Hope’s Kindle copy will be .99 cents for a limited time only beginning 2.6.24. It might start in the afternoon, so keep watching and nab your copy for pennies!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my titles and abuse and domestic violence.

For a chance to win digital copies of this trilogy, share your thoughts in the comments.

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