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10 Things Kids Should Realize


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Chores won’t kill you! Chores create a strong foundation for their future.  Responsibility, accountability, and basic life skills begin with sweeping the floor, scrubbing the toilet, doing dishes, and washing windows.

Boredom is a choice. I know when my cousins once complained of being bored and my aunt day them do chores all day. Did they complain again? No. Read a book. Heck, write a book. Play a game. For heaven’s sake, go outside and play. Build a fort.

A pet a companion and more. Cats and dogs and rabbits and ponies are not only playmates, but teach us responsibility, love, and empathy.

Don’t judge, but if you do, judge them by their abilities, attitudes, actions not appearances. We to judge behavior as to not mix with the wrong crowd, but putdowns are never okay.

Stewardship. Take care of what you have. We are on borrowed time and nothing is really ours. Merely ours to take care of to teach us respect and responsibility.

Fake it till you make it. You don’t have to be confident in everything you do, but taking a deep breath and acting like you are helps you get through it. Stand up straight and look the challenge in the eye, even if it’s a human, as you gain experience confidence will walk by your side.

Low-stress is best. Don’t let it defeat your spirit and health. Get plenty of rest, nutritious foods, and plenty of water. Pick you battles. Pick them wisely.

The only dumb question is the unasked question. Clear communication helps prevent misunderstandings and stress. Watch, learn, and ask.

Always do your best. There are days when your best is better than others, recognize that.  Avoid self-judgement, -abuse, -regret, and arrogance. Also know when you’re falling behind. Learn from it.

Be polite and kind. Manners and kindness will take you a long way, as will honesty and integrity.

No one said life was fair, but God did say he’s walk us through the bad stuff.  All we can do is teach youth to try their best and make an honest effort.


“Most folks are about as
happy as they make up their
minds to be.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

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