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5 Tips to Survive Back-to-Back Ventures

I feel like Dorthy when she was snagged in the twister headed for Oz-twirling, swirling, going around and around.

Today I stop for one today to collect my thoughts, energy, and sensibility. Last week I attended the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal in Bellevue, Washinton. I’m still swirling from all the traffic and pressure and excitement of meeting with an agent at the conference for a pitch appointment.

With anticipation, I left the two-day conference Saturday at noon and buzzed down to Lacey for my youngest son and his wife’s baby shower. As soon as the shower ended, we watched the Kentucky Derby, and then I drove to Yelm for my grandson’s little league baseball game. We celebrated with ice-cream before again heading out, enjoying the peaceful drive to Centralia to spend the night with my youngest son and his wife before the eight-hour drive home.

That brings us to today and a feeling of rushed, anxiety. Our Lady Hornet Archers and I head out bright and early tomorrow morning in order to catch our flight to Louisville, Kentucky. I’m thankful for the sound sleep I had last night and the unexpected fill of energy today. So, how do I catch my breath today and organize for tomorrow?

  • Begin with a list. What are the most important items I need to accomplish and check off? Laundry, blog, repack, check Kentucky itinerary, collect any writing material I need to take (The agent I met with at the conference requested my proposal and it needs to be updated).
  •  Make sure the food I eat today is healthy. I also need to keep hydrated, drinking little to no caffeine. Healthy food and hydration is the key to high energy and cell regeneration.
  • Rest. This afternoon if a need a short nap, I’m taking it! I also plan to take my horse for a short ride, which is my therapy. Oh, not to mention showing up for my nephew’s junior high baseball game. The only game I will be able to catch this year.
  • Organize. Get our funds in order: collect GoFundMe donations, cash check donations, organize funds for each archer. Pack my conference notes to review during the flight.
  •  Make necessary contacts. I will call parents tonight for last minute questions and concerns.
2016 Nationals T-shirt

Good thing I have 10 hours left! With an overwhelmed feeling, I tend to want to rush around in between events. Do you? And then I forget, misplace, mix-up.

Today I need to relax, slow down, and think. Lay the past five days down for now and focus on the upcoming five days.

Take my time.

My attention is now shifting to nationals. All 3 archers shoot on Thursday, and I plan a Facebook Live session.

Look for updates and announcements on my Facebook Page and please support these ladies with your comments. During the flight, I will read the girls your comments from this blog post, so feel free to wish them well.

20,000 archers in North America have qualified for this national competition. Can you believe 3 of our girls are attending? I can! They work hard and have earned their positions.

Here’s to: 

Amaya Simpson, Grade 9

Natosha Flett, Grade 5

Aialana Pacheco, Grade 4

Yes, you are reading those grade levels correctly.



So again, I invite you to send these ladies off with a plenty of well-wishes and encouragement, launching their arrows into the bulls-eye!

Come with us and Gallop into Adventure!


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  1. I admire your ability to focus. I learned recently that there is no such thing as “multi-tasking.” Our brains can only do one thing at a time. So your prioritized to-do list will ensure nothing gets overlooked. And what fun to check off the done tasks with a feeling of accomplishment.

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Judith, I have to have a list or I sink! I agree, crossing off those tasks is a wonderful feeling!

    2. Carmen Peone says:

      Judith, I have to have a list or I sink! I agree, crossing off those tasks is a wonderful feeling! I think we don’t multi-task. We can to things on auto-pilot, but you’re right, one thing at a time effectively.

  2. Carmen, Amaya, Natosha and Aialana…

    First, I’ll tell you something you already know, how blessed you are to have Carmen as your mentor and guide on this adventure! She’s one of the best people I know, and I enjoy her friendship and sense of humor so much, I wish I were with you.

    Second, I hope you are proud of your accomplishments so far, and enjoy this adventure. You’ve worked hard and I’m impressed with your skills. I enjoyed archery in high school and would love to take it up again. There’s just something about the feeling you get when you let that arrow fly, isn’t there?

    God bless you in your competition. I’ll be praying for you!


    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Kelly, you are too kind. I read your note to the girls. They loved it. Thank you, dear friend.

  3. Wow! You’re a busy lady! You’ve cited some good tips. Next year you’ll have need of those, too. I spoke at that conference a few years ago. Bellevue is a place we normally avoid–it’s just so busy. See you in October.

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thanks, Mary. I hadn’t originally planned the Kentucky trip, but couldn’t pass it up!