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Arianna’s Art

It is such a pleasure to have Arianna Seymour with me today. She is a Colville Tribal member, a student at Inchelium High School, was one of my Rez Stop students when I coordinated the afterschool program, and is one of our archers. She is as sweet today as she was when I was involved with her in elementary.

Arianna is a young woman and an inspiration to many in our community. Since I’ve not been in the school system, except for the archery progam, I’m not privy to many high school happenings.

But I am friends with Arianna on Facebook, and a few months back saw her drawings.

My first reaction was, “Wow! I had no idea this little gal was an artist.”

I’m thrilled to present Arrianna and her work to you today. So, Let’s get this party started.

CP: When did you become interested in art?

AS: I’ve painted and have drawn since I was small. The interest has always been there since I was little.

CP: What grade are you in?

AS: 10th

CP: How old are you now? (They grow up way to fast!)

AS: 16

CP: What is your favorite subject in school?

AS: I love history. (Me, really? How cool!) I like to learn about our culture and like making posters. (Of course, she does…an artist!)

CP: What is your favorite food?

AS: Indian Tacos.

Photo in honor of abducted Native women. The handprint over the mouth is normally red in color.

CP: What are your hobbies besides art?

AS: I like to practice barrels (for junior rodeo and fairs) and bull riding. (Please note your reactions to this question in the comment section, I want to see if yours is the same as mine!) Henry (her step-dad) helps me out. I also like to ride my racehorses, which I can’t do as much in the winter so I draw. (Audrey, her mother, is a jockey and races horses down the “Hill” during the Omak Stampede, an event that takes place every August. Talent runs in this family, wouldn’t you say?)

CP: What does art mean to you? Why do you like to draw?

AS: It takes stuff off my mind. I like to draw for others too, especially when they ask because it gives me more ideas. I love to give my art as gifts.

CP: What mediums do you like to sketch/paint with?

AS: I like to draw with pencils, acrylic paint, and colored pencils. I always sketch my first draft, often outlining with a black sharpie, and then add color. In elementary, a teacher taught us how to use dandelion flowers to paint with, so I’ve learned to use that and other flowers to add color by smearing them onto paper.

CP: Tell me about the drum you decorated for your brother, Adonis.

AS: He had a drum in his closet forever and didn’t know what to put on it. So he let me have it. I wanted to match it to his personality. I asked him what colors he likes, and he told me sunset. He also rides bareback (in junior rodeos), and his Indian name is Ten Bears, so I added that and an Indian cowboy with braids on a horse, a feather in his hat. All this is Adonis.

CP: What is your favorite subject to paint?

AP: Horses. I like painting ledger art. (A Native American art that has been around for years. Native’s had nothing to paint on, so they used old business ledgers.)

CP: Do you see yourself having a future in art?

AS: Yes! Even as a hobby. I recently painted my cowboy hat. I also like sewing and would like to combine them both.

CP: What are you working on now?

AS: Three things. I’m painting a table for my cousin, making a surprise gift for…well it’s a surprise, and a drum for me. For my drum, I’m using white and various shades of blue, and sketching a woman riding/racing a horse in the ledger art style.

Cousin’s Table

Thank you, Arianna, for sharing a little about yourself and your artistic journey. We wish you the very best.

What did you think about Miss Arianna Seymour and her sketches and painting? I’ll make sure to pass along any comments.

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  1. Laura Emerson says:

    In her photograph, I see confidence. In her artwork, I see a love and understanding of nature. Carmen, thank you for introducing this talented and generous young woman to us.

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Laura, I’m glad you enjoyed Miss Arianna and her art. She is very confident with her art and in many areas of her life. Thank you for coming over and supporting youth.

  2. Tyson Greer says:

    Thanks for sharing this young women’s art. It was fun to see the variety in her work– she’s exploring her mediums with curiosity that will take her far. And bullriding?!!!! Careful with those hands, Arianna!

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Tyson, I’m glad you enjoyed her work. She’s such a sweet gal. And I agree…be careful with those hands!

  3. Betty Bauer says:

    O my heavens! Adrianna is unbelievably talented for her age. I love the thoughts behind her paintings. When she runs out of subject matter, send her down here to Kansas. Bless you!

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Betty, she really does think about her art before putting pencil to paper. She’s incredible!

  4. Butch Bovan says:

    I sure hope this young lady continues with her art and passion. I encourage her to take courses/workshops as just being around other artists will inspire her and get all kinds of great ideas. Best wishes – the world is waiting for more of her work!!

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Butch, I so agree! She has a remarkable talent and this year they’ve brought art back into our slight K-12 school. Native kids have huge artistic talents of various means.