A Fiction Review: Davis Bunn––The Turning

The Turning is not a book I would normally read. But it caught my eye because the novel reminded me of a movie: The Vantage Point. Of course the two are quite different, yet while reading The Turning, there was a familiarity concerning points of view.


Bunn is remarkable in this story of how evil twists its knife into the human heart.  A voice called five individuals, who couldn’t be more different, to simply do what they were asked to do. Who was behind the voice? The Almighty himself. And He meant it.  Just like Johan and Saul, these five believers were asked to obey. Trust and obey. Just like the song we sing in church.


He expected nothing less. They were asked to come together in North America, from separate locations to one, and bring a nation together that was attacked by the enemy. Hope was at stake. Hope was attacked. And it was going viral.


John Jacobs, Alisha Seames, Jenny Linn, Yussuf Alwan, and Ruth Barrett were in the fight of their life. They put on their armor of God and stepped into battle. Their faith was renewed and strengthened; all five believers discovered what hope really means.

Barry Mundrose and his daughter Edlyn would assist Trent Cooper in this war against hope. His mantra being: Hope is dead.


God would take this battle into thirteen days: “Who will go for us. God’s hidden wisdom, Humble yourselves before the Lord, …trust in Him and He will do this… are some of what God asked of His warriors. But the question is, will they be able to obey? Will they turn and run like Jonah, throw a fit like Saul? Will God have to get their attention? Or will they willingly comply?

Would you?


Davis Bunn takes his readers into a journey past fear and confusion into courage and determination. The Turning is a must read. Take up the cross and follow me. Now go. The journey is worth it.


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