Heart of Passion Winner


Congratulations to Jeanette Cornwall!

She has won a signed copy of Heart of Passion.

“I consider myself a seamstress, but not a quilter. I make nearly all of my husband’s western shirts, but my current project is a leather cell phone case bound in ultra suede. I am very fond of log quilt patterns and it’s used for pillows, tote bags and other items.”

I have seen several of Jeanette’s articles of clothing throughout the years, and she really is a fabulous seamstress and has won multiple sewing awards.

What I love about sewing and quilts

I remember my grandmother, Florence Brons Shriner talking about long winter nights on their ranch near Colville, WA, taken by quilting. Evenings where my grandfather, Earl Brons, had even helped on occasion. I happen to have one of her quilts – a basket of flowers as shown in the photos. There were many summers I would visit and she would be cutting out blocks for yet another quilt.

My mom, Jean Brons Sutton, is a seamstress and quilter as well. My mother used to make my father’s western suits, dresses for her, clothing for me when I was in elementary. She taught me to sew and now, I’m teaching my grandchildren to sew. The only quilt I have made was for my youngest son, Marshall. He weighed in at 2-1/2 pounds and was ten weeks early. As you can imagine, the quilt was peanut-sized.

Because of writing, horses, and life, I don’t get to sew as much as I’d like but do carve out time here and there with the grandkids to sew pillows, pillowcases, pajama bottoms, pouches, bags, and purses.

I’d like to hear more about your future sewing plans if you care to share.

Again, Congratulations, Jeannette! Your book’s in the mail.

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