A Pinch of Patience

This spring life for our family turned in events. Cody, my middle son called, announcing an opening for a high school teaching job in a nearby town and he put in for it. My pulse began to race. A smile spread across my face and my nerves twitched with excitement and concern because they would be living with us. Me. I say me because my husband works out of town and I’m now used to quiet days and peaceful nights. But still my grandsons would be at the tip of my fingers for daily grandma hugs and kisses. Could this really be true?

Sure enough. Cody drove from one side of Washington to the other for the interview in June and by that afternoon was offered the job––high school metal shop teacher. Now all they needed was a job for my DIL (daughter-in-law). My wheels turned. I knew a job was opening in Inchelium (the town I live in), Colville, Wellpenit––so far my list looked promising. It was meant to be.

My DIL, Rachelle, began to interview. But no jobs were landed. Confusion set in.

Inchelium Elementary––a bust. Someone else with more experience was awarded the 4th grade position.

Colville Elementary––nope. Not even an interview.

Frustration hit an all-time high.

Chewelah Home Link––sorry ma’am. Need more experience.

By this time my DIL was exasperated. I don’t blame her.

We, the family (both hers and ours), continued to encourage her, knowing God had a plan and a purpose. We reminded Rachelle to be patient no matter how hard times seemed: God’s timing is always perfect.  With each door closed, one job was closer to the one he’d already picked out for her.


And lots of it.

The kids now settled in and Cody working, Rachelle landed a couple sub jobs set up for Inchelium. She concentrated on caring for her two boys: year old and four years old. Two handfuls of spunk and vinegar. A true Peone.

Then the call came. Cody’s co-worker told him a 5th grade job was about to open. In Chewelah. Her dream job. Rachelle formatted a new cover letter and sent it off.

The wait began.

Why would someone start school and then leave? Who cared? Electricity flinted off our house walls, swirling around the rooms. And then it happened. A call from the superintendent, “Rachelle, I know this is Wednesday, but can you come in for an interview on Friday?”

She hung up the phone, placed her palms on her face. “Carmen, I need a lesson to teach. Twenty minutes.”

Reading? Math? Oh my!

I hooked her up with Inchelium’s 5th grade teacher. Oh, yes.  One common core reading lesson coming up.

Rachelle rehearsed the lesson to me, Cody, me and my other DIL, Tiffany. Cody.

She was ready.




It was Friday morning. She interviewed. Taught her common core reading lesson.

Drove the 45 minute route home. Went back. Visited with the superintendent some more.

He handed her the key and said, “Welcome!”

Loved the reading lesson. Loved her classroom management. Adored her, but who doesn’t. A young, beautiful, energetic teacher. Ready to teach. Ready to be the student in an expanding educational world.

A pinch of patience.


God’s perfect plan.

All worth the stretch of character building for the dream job of a lifetime.

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    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thank you, Darlene. She appreciates that and so do I. Carm

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thank you, Mike. I agree, they are very powerful partners.