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Ragged Path

May is the time to honor mothers and veterans.

My father, Lewis Sutton, was never in active combat but served in the army at Fort Lewis in Washington State for two years. I thank him and all of those who dare to keep our country safe.

My mother, Jean Sutton, is a wonderful woman who has taught me many lessons about life that has made me a better person. I am truly thankful for her. 

I’d like to share a poem with you to better acquaint yourself with the main character of Girl Warrior, Charnaye Toulou. I dedicated this book to one of my good friends and thought of her often while penning the story. She is a ranch woman filled with grit, honesty, gentleness, kindness – characteristics Charnaye (sounds like Shar-nay) strives for as a young teen who is eager to shift into womanhood.

Ragged Path

I am a driven and determined Okanogan teen

I wonder if the thrill is worth it

I hear the beat of my heart as it draws me toward womanhood

I see His spirit come upon me in a bubble of protection

I want to prove my worth, help my family, destroy the bully

I am a driven and determined Okanogan teen

I pretend the accident never happened

I feel the compression of guilt in my chest

I touch the ripple of Stimteema’s muscles, her smooth coat, coarse mane

I worry we will lose it all

I cry when I hear the drone of my father’s wheelchair gliding down the hallway

I am a driven and determined Okanogan teen

I understand the valor it takes to fight for what one believes in

I say Creator will strengthen me and my family, see us through tough times

I dream there is a way to help ease the burden

I try to do my part

I hope my plan works

I am a driven and determined Okanogan teen

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Carmen Peone’s Western Tales

Something else I’d like to share with you is my new Facebook Group: Carmen Peone’s Western Tales. I’d like to invite you to the page for a chance to read and review Girl Warrior. Just follow the links.

Finding My Artist

The picture below, in Finding My Artist, will be on the dedication page. Click on “Continue Reading” to find out about the artist and the piece.

Finding My Artist

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  1. I’m impressed with this poem, Carmen. It’s a lovely tribute to the Girl Warrior.

    1. Carmen Peone says:

      Thank you, Mary! I love writing “I Am” poems. They can make us really think about someone, real or otherwise, and express their inner core.