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Bucks Superwind

I Am a Horsewoman

I Am a Horsewoman     I am a horsewoman filled with grace and grit I wonder what we’ll discover today I hear a soft whicker in the distance I see a black mane and tale, white star and legs, soft, dark eye I want to strive for feel, timing and balance I am a […]

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Cash at Horse Creek Ranch

Back in the Saddle

  This past Saturday, I climbed back in the saddle. I hadn’t ridden Cash since our fence flipping fiasco. That morning I woke up nervous. Butterflies clung and clawed at my stomach. I withdrew at breakfast, and that’s when my husband asked if I was scared. I nodded my head and tears flowed. He came […]

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cash n faith

Birth of a Beauty

I truly believe in God’s timing. Seventeen years ago, my dream was to raise Paint horses. Flashy, colorful eye catchers. Funny how I started with two geldings. I eventually purchased a mare for my son and bred her to my geldings’ sire. Unfortunately we lost mare and foal during the birthing process.  I won’t go […]

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Cash Weanling

Dusty Roll Horse Chatter

This segment was originally designed to be a thrill for all horse lovers, especially those of us who thrive off riding horses, training, colt starting. I had plans to share my long awaited experience of starting my colt from birth to now––a first-time-this-way-experience for me. It will still involve horse talk, or course, but perhaps […]

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