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tarren meusy

Research: Fact for Fiction

Research fascinates me. I love it because most of my research is face to face or over the phone interviews with Colville Tribal Members. In the past, many had been elders.  Some of them are friends and some of family members. Some have passed away. Because I’m married to a Colville tribal member, I am […]

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Growth Through Stretching

For the past two years, I’ve been the secretary for Women Writing the West (WWW). This was no stretch after years of various PTO (Parent Teacher and Other), 4-H Leader, and School Board Member positions and offices. Skills and confidence for this nationally recognized organization slid right into place. Then, I was asked to come […]

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Mentoring a Realm Beyond My Own

Part Four: Editing––Demon Hunter Writing is the easy part. Our minds are in the creative mode. Our fingers peck at the keyboard with unfailing speed. Smiles bloom on our faces, eyes dancing as creativity pours out. Our characters are dancing, fighting, loving, caring, and sometimes even in a fit of rage. They are talking, whispering, […]

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Mentoring a Realm Beyond My Own

A journey mentoring an aspiring author for a high school senior project.   Last spring my phone rang.  On the other end came the voice of a young man I knew very well.  He was a junior in high school, preparing for his senior project. Why was he calling me? “Hi, Carmen. This is Nathan.  I’m […]

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Six Points to a Perfect Pitch

I’m sitting here at the airport in Spokane, WA.  I really don’t care to fly.  But I’m on my way to Golden, CO via Denver for the annual Women Writing the West conference; my tummy flutters and my nerves tingle.  Yet, I’m excited because I’m pitching my latest manuscript to an editor.  I met her […]

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5 Ways to Climb Out of a Writing Rut

Many times when I’m stuck and my brain refuses to wrap itself around one more word, I find it is best to turn off the computer and drag oneself out of the office. No matter what the rut is, I have learned it helps the creative process to leave the premises and unearth some inspiration. […]

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Washington state

Research–Exhausting or Invigorating?

Research is inevitable when writing a book whether its fiction or nonfiction. It was only after working with elder Marguerite Ensminger for three years did I decide to write Change of Heart for my sons. Later I followed up with Heart of Courage. Not only did she teach me the difficult guttural sounds of the […]

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