Welcome Guest Author Nikki Walker

Nikki Walker
To Find a Love Like Ours

Welcome Author Nikki Walker.
I asked her what her hobbies are and here is what Nikki had to say:

I am a stay at home wife and mother that enjoys writing, reading and crocheting when I have time!

I also asked Nikki to share with us the inspiration behind her books. Here is her intriguing reply:

Most of my stories are about second chances to people who have felt they never would get one. Cherise (Redemptive Acts) felt unloved and unlovable. Jonathan (Redemptive Acts) learned it was okay to take a stand against his family for the right woman. Christopher (A Love Worth Waiting For) felt brokenhearted. Tina (A Love Worth Waiting For) felt broken. Lisa (Finding You…When Love Called) learned its okay to be vulnerable with the right person! Eric (Finding You…When Love Called) learned he could take a risk on love again. Devin (Finding You…When Love Called) learned what real love should feel like and Lana (Finding You…When Love Called) learned that patience can pay off. Philip (To Find A Love Like Ours) learned to love Desire (To Find A Love Like Ours) even when he didn’t understand all of her. Desire learned to forgive herself despite her fall. Naya (Love Through The Fire) learned to be strong. Marcus (Love Through The Fire) learned to forgive what was unforgivable. Andrea (Been There & Done That~In Flames) learned how to trust again and Zane (Been There & Done That~In Flames)–well Zane learned how to make gift baskets! Sherri (Hearts On Fire) learned the real thing was better than the fantasy. Trey (Hearts On Fire) learned to follow his heart and convinced Sherri to do the same.

I have felt all of these things and have come through to the other side to be loved, to feel lovable, to be made whole, to forgive myself. I learned that patience can pay off– that its okay to trust and be vulnerable with the right person. I already knew how to make gift baskets! Read one of my stories this weekend and be inspired as you take the journey with my characters.

To me there is nothing better than a story that makes my nerves tingle with delight when someone comes from behind, or looks like it, and moves forward into a life filled with love and acceptance. Nikki has done this with her books.

In To Find a Love Like Ours, Desire Howard had always lived her life very carefully, every decision measured and planned; always seeking the approval of her parents. She could never imagine living outside the only moral code she’d known until the one night she is brought face to face with the source of her temptation during a freak snowstorm. It’s the one time she makes an unplanned decision and it spins her life into utter chaos. Now that she is broken she wonders if she can ever get past her fall from grace to accept the love & forgiveness awaiting her embrace.

Blog/Website: Nikki’s Book Chats

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  1. Nikki Walker says:

    Carmen–thanks so much for the privilege to be a guest on your blog!

    1. carmenpeone says:

      You are so welcome! It was my pleasure.