Guest Author: Cynthia P. Willow

Cynthia P. Willow

I would like to introduce to you, Cynthia P. Willow.

I asked her where her inspiration to write came from. Her answer blossomed a smile on my tired-looking face and shot a hefty dose of admiration coursing through my body. If a busy mom of three can find time to create a world of make-believe, so can the rest of us.

The inspiration for The Land of Flames came from my children. I wrote this story back in 2005 when my kids were a lot younger. They helped come up with the land and the main characters. We had so much fun with it that it became a series. Volume 2 is also available, and I plan to have the 3rd volume released in the next year.

Cynthia grew up in the small town of Lake Butler, Florida. After high school, she started a family and now has 3 children, 2 of which are teenagers. She is a home schooling mom and a student in her 3rd year with Liberty University. She loves Jesus and has many stories to share about faith. She resides in Georgia with her husband and three children.

I asked her what her favorite hobby is and here is her reply.

My favorite hobby is writing. I’m such a busy person that writing cannot be full-time, so it’s the only hobby I have time for.

The Land of Flames

Enter a world of fairies, dragons, dwarves, and elves in The Land of Flames, a magical world where possibilities are endless and truth makes a difference.

Ocamar, the villainous dragon king, and his dragon clan, have overtaken The Land of Serenity and everyone in the land is in jeopardy. The only hope seems to be with Rumbleflin, the oldest and wisest of the elves, who plans to lead an army rebellion.

To add to the conflict, Ocamar and Rumbleflin have been harboring secrets from one another for years, and what happens when those secrets are revealed will have a major impact on everyone.

Can an army of fairy-tale creatures defeat a clan of dragons and restore their Land of Serenity?


All of my books can be purchased on my website under the “purchase tab” or with this link:

Cynthia would love to hear from you! What is your favorite ferry tale?

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  1. Talitha McEachin says:

    Awesome Interview!

    1. carmenpeone says:

      Cynthia is great! What a talent. Carmen

    2. Cynthia P. Willow says:

      Thanks, Talitha!