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Photo Courtesy of Rocksie and Roo

Big Dreams, Little Spurs

Nine-year-old INFR Women’s Barrel Racing Champion and Colville tribal member Rocksie Marchand recently competed at The American Rodeo in Fort Worth, Texas, this past month all due to big dreams and little spurs. The 63 & ½ pound Native girl gets the job done. How? With: Determination. Perseverance. Good old-fashion hard work. “I had a […]

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Katlyn Watt Ledger Art

Finding My Artist

  From the onset of my work-in-progress, I have wanted to find a teen artist to portray my protagonist’s art project in the book I’m currently writing. The art project weaves history and the old ways into modern culture and attitudes. He or she needed to be Native American and preferably of the Colville Tribes. […]

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Crawfish Races Coyote

  Crawfish Races Coyote – Small Lake in the Area Arrow Lakes Legend Told by Martin Louie Colville Confederated Tribal Member and Elder   Coyote was teasing Crawfish because he was so slow and because he walked sideways. Crawfish argued he was not slow, but indeed very fast. Coyote laughed, gave him a long look, […]

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Horses––Benefit Youth or Cost Money?

Do horses really teach anything? Or do they merely cost the owner tons of money with feed and vet bills? After working with youth in 4-H, including one of my own, and now having my grandchildren around horses, I believe they teach kids many valuable life lessons. In fact here are eight of those horse […]

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10 Things Kids Should Realize

  Chores won’t kill you! Chores create a strong foundation for their future.  Responsibility, accountability, and basic life skills begin with sweeping the floor, scrubbing the toilet, doing dishes, and washing windows. Boredom is a choice. I know when my cousins once complained of being bored and my aunt day them do chores all day. Did they […]

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Mentoring a Realm Beyond My Own

Part Four: Editing––Demon Hunter Writing is the easy part. Our minds are in the creative mode. Our fingers peck at the keyboard with unfailing speed. Smiles bloom on our faces, eyes dancing as creativity pours out. Our characters are dancing, fighting, loving, caring, and sometimes even in a fit of rage. They are talking, whispering, […]

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Mentoring a Realm Beyond My Own

A journey mentoring an aspiring author for a high school senior project.   Last spring my phone rang.  On the other end came the voice of a young man I knew very well.  He was a junior in high school, preparing for his senior project. Why was he calling me? “Hi, Carmen. This is Nathan.  I’m […]

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