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Character Boards

A Writer’s Inspiration.   Character’s come alive to writers in their imaginations, as do plot and theme. But at times, it can be a big challenge to keep everything straight. Computer programs for authors to keep track of scenes and charts for characters are available at the writer’s fingertips, but I got hooked on character […]

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A Good Read – Bull Rider

  Searching for topics for my next book, and after visiting with another writer for youth, Bull Rider by Suzanne Morgan Williams was recommended to me. And what a great suggestion it was. I write for youth, but I write historical books with a Native American theme. As I’m searching for agents and editors, it […]

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Mentoring a Realm Beyond My Own

Part Three: Theme, Story Line, and Three-Act Structure Do you remember me stating previously that Nathan’s character and world sheets had vanished? Well they remain in the depth of some dump site, but Nathan was able to rewrite most of it. Unfortunately they are not as detailed as before, but he’s off to a good […]

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Guest Author Eunice Boeve

Welcome author Eunice Boeve. She is here to share with us about her novel, The Summer of the Crow. My interview with Eunice: Why did you write, The summer of the Crow? What was the inspiration behind your book? I grew up in northwest Montana and Idaho with lots of trees, mountains, and water. When […]

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10 Book Signing Tips

I have gathered a few tips to make book signings enjoyable and productive. I hope they help you in some way whether you are signing your treasured books at a book store, coffee house or local fair. 1. Make your display eye catching. Whether outside at a fair or indoor bazaar, your table needs to […]

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Welcome Bob Valleau

Welcome Guest Author Bob Valleau. I am so please share about you and your book. Bob Valleau has over 25 years of writing experience for the Christian market. His writing career began, in the 1980s, when he worked for a Christian publishing company for their book department. Since then, he has worked as a full-time […]

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