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10 Book Signing Tips

I have gathered a few tips to make book signings enjoyable and productive. I hope they help you in some way whether you are signing your treasured books at a book store, coffee house or local fair. 1. Make your display eye catching. Whether outside at a fair or indoor bazaar, your table needs to […]

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5 Ways to Climb Out of a Writing Rut

Many times when I’m stuck and my brain refuses to wrap itself around one more word, I find it is best to turn off the computer and drag oneself out of the office. No matter what the rut is, I have learned it helps the creative process to leave the premises and unearth some inspiration. […]

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Coming Soon: Heart of Passion

Spupaleena nodded walking briskly to her stallion. The fringe on her dress swung back and forth as if being shook by a badger. She said a quick prayer for everyone as she went. She looked up to see Hahoolawho standing in her path. God help me, she prayed. Spupaleena will do nearly anything to make […]

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In Difficult Times, There Is Hope.

In difficult times, the end of the tunnel can be dark and dank. But there is always a friend down the path leading to the barnyard. I rode my Paint Tobiano today and he just blessed me. I walked down into the field to round up my meager remuda. After rubbing all 4.6 of them […]

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Author’s Notes My Next Big Thing

I’ve been invited to participate in the Next Big Thing blog series, in which authors get to describe what they are working on right now. I was invited to participate Donis Casey, who posted her own Next Big Thing last week at http://www.doniscasey.com. Then at the end of this blog, I’m tagging other writers who […]

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How does God inspire you? Through music or a daily message? Through humans or animals? I’m inspired by my American Paint Horse. I love all things horse. Bucks Superwind was the inspiration of the stallion in my Heart Trilogy named Sampson. When I have a hurried day, when nothing seems to be going my way, […]

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